10 Minute Tea Talk - Episode 2 | AUDIO

10 Minute Tea Talk with Tishana Episode 2 Audio with Actionable Tips | ietishana.com

Welcome back for another 10 Minute Tea Talk!

I wanted to continue where I left off to make sure we are getting prepared for the Holidays. As I mentioned before, there are already Christmas trees up in craft stores, so if you think it's too early to get your shop ready, you would be wrong, my friend.

So in today's Tea Talk Today I want to tell you a quick little lesson/story about my first real holiday season, how it went and why I closed down my shop last holiday season and also give you two actionable tips that you can do today to improve your shop and get more views :) I will also be sharing real numbers with you, from my own shop so you can take a peek as to how it went, what went right and what went wrong, and how Iā€™m going to change it this year.

If you missed the last one be sure to check that one out first and download the PDF. You can do so by clicking here to listen and clicking here to download the PDF checklist.

Ok, grab your tea and let's get started.