10 Minute Tea Talk - Episode #3 - Backwards Planning | AUDIO

10 Minute Tea Talks | Backwards Planning - AUDIO | ietishana.com

Hey Guys, welcome back for another tea talk. Today I want to talk to you about setting your goals and going backwards. If you are the type of person that has a goal in mind but it never works out smoothly, you procrastinate, it never actually gets done…then this one is for you.

I am the queen on ideas! If you have notebooks full of them and you journal your thoughts, you are definitely my kind of person. So let’s say you have an idea! That can be anything from a new product you want to make and sell, a new website you need to make, a craft show you need to prepare for that’s months away, or if we are staying on topic from the last two tea talks, then making our online shops ready for the holidays. It can be anything that requires planning. Heck, it can even be planning a vacation! The main thing is that you have an idea and you need to execute it and make sure you stay on task and on track to getting things done. Many of us are guilty of having a constantly moving end date or no end date in sight at all! This plan is for those that have an idea and need to have it completed in a set amount of time.

Listen to it right here:

I apologize for the faint low hum in the background for the majority of the audio. My air conditioner was running cuz it's still a million degrees here.

The 5 steps you need to do when working on your goals using backwards planning | ietishana.com

So to sum up the steps required:

1. Start with your idea

2. Set an end date that you want to accomplish your goal by.

3. Work backwards and fill in the steps needed to complete the tasks.

4. Take it a step further and prioritize each individual week

5. Don’t forget to schedule yourself some buffer space in-between your projects to account for things that always pop up!