10 Minute Tea Talk - Episode #7: Craft Show Prep | AUDIO

10 Minute Tea Talk - Episode #7: Craft Show Prep | AUDIO | ietishana.com

10 Minute Tea Talk - Episode #7: Craft Show Prep | AUDIO

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Hey Guys, welcome back for another tea talk. Today I want to talk to you about 10 MORE things you should bring with you to your first craft show or market! This episode goes along with my latest blog post that shares 20 things you should bring with you to your first show.

Ok guys, let’s jump into it.

1) Heater or a Fan

  • Depending on the season you are in you are probably going to want to bring items that will help you be more comfortable. A lot of booths, even if they are outside, may have access to a power source. Make sure you check with your show’s organizers to see if bringing something of this sort will be ok with them first.


2) Cell Phone Charger/Extra Battery Source 

  • Chances are, even if your phone was fully charged before you left the house, you will need an external power supply to keep your phone going during your time at the show. Especially if you are using a card reader, those tend to suck up batteries pretty fast. Be sure to have a back up power source so your quick draining phone battery doesn’t let you down as you take more orders. It will certainly defeat the purpose of making money at the show!

3) Scissors or Utility Knife

  • Scissors or utility knives come in handy when doing any type of work with your booth space. It’s good to have these tools on hand even if it’s not for yourself but for a nearby booth mate! Sometimes boxes need to be cut open, things need to be torn down, you never know! Do your best to be prepared and you will be far ahead with less to worry about.

4) Extra Product Supplies

  • Depending on what you sell, it’s always handy to have extra product supplies with you. Whether you need to make on-the-spot adjustment, or something broke that you can quickly replace, someone wants an extra part of something, or you want to make a special in-person deal that you normally wouldn’t make online, then be sure to have extra supplies on hand. You never know what opportunity may come up requiring that extra something.

5) Freebies

  • This also depends on what you make and sell, but sometimes freebies can be great at markets. Whether that freebie is an actual free item, or if it’s a raffle you want to hold for your customers, it’s always a creative way to generate buzz.

6) Email List

  • Although this point is listed in my 20 things to bring to your first craft show blog post under number 9.something from pen and paper, I want to bring it up again because it deserves it’s own section. If you don’t already have an email list, now is the best time to start one. If you don’t think you need an email list, get emails anyway, and thank me later. Not doing so is literally leaving money on the table! If someone doesn’t buy from you, ask them if they would be interested in providing their email. Seriously. If you take anything away from this episode let it be this one. Take number 9 from my blog post and take number 6 from this one, and start and acquire an email list.

7) Height

  • This one is to help bring more eyes and interest to your already cool products. Get varying levels! Have some things higher up than others. It will not only create more space for your table but create interest and help people stay at your table longer. If everything is all flat, it’s all boring. Bring those peaks and valleys to bring more eyes and hopefully sales!

8) Jacket or Sun Block

  • Don’t forget to think about your comfort! The last thing you want to do is be stiff and cold or hot and burnt. Remember to bring a jacket, especially if the market is later at night and the temperature will drop. I’m cold all the time, so if you’re like me, don’t forget a sweater. If you’re going to be in the sun all day, don’t risk your skin health! Bring a good SPF rated sun block to protect you from getting sun burned.

9) Bags

  • This one is an important one an easily forgotten. What is someone going to do after they purchase from you? Do you have a bag for them? It may be pretty awkward if they have to carry your item around unprotected. Get gift bags from the craft store and fix them up a bit by adding your logo or hangtag. Or if you don’t have it in your budget, look at getting plastic grocery bags in bulk.

10) Money

  • Now this one isn’t just change for your potential shoppers, which you should most definitely bring, but your own money to support other handmade sellers. This is handy if you are also at a farmers market and there are some delicious home made snacks you can eat! Not only is it great to support other small businesses but it’s a great way to connect with them. I know when I was in market season, I would refer other customers to other booths that I insisted they must check out and other shop owners did they same for me. Nothing was cooler than hearing that they were at another booth and was told they had to come visit mine!


Ok makers, that’s all I have for you today. I know this one as a bit of a doozy but I hope it helps you prepare for the craft show, handmade market season. I know these things have gotten me through my own farmers market season! Let me know in the comments of this post, tweet me or send an email any thoughts. If you have any questions you want addressed in the next tea talk, send your inquiries to teatalk@ietishana.com. Ok makers, see you next time.