And We're Back!


I am a solid believer in time being a circle, in that we tend to “circle” back to things as we reflect on life. You can also call this a pattern too. Well I’m circling back to small business life. I realize now that I haven’t explained anything, I just disappeared for 3 years and tried coming back and explaining things but didn’t know how. So, this is where it begins again! I’m a business owner again. I’ve left corporate life, took some time to detox from that, and slowly figure out what lights me up inside. And it’s been a chill 4 months. I plan on writing regularly on my blog, making videos too. I just want to leap back into what I love doing and not being timid or afraid to share. My main concern is that I don’t want to create meaningless content. I think theres enough of that out there. I want that whenever I come to you in any form, that it’s of value in some way, whether that is showing how to do something in a tutorial, or maybe just seeing my process, or telling you how many times I failed in a day and the outcome I’ve learned.

While I was working in corporate life I had no energy to do anything else. That work/life balance people talk about, there wasn’t any of that. No hobbies, unless you count sitting/napping on the couch binge watching tv shows a hobby, then I had a pretty consistent one. My previous life where I submerged my life into online sales, farmers markets, and non stop learning. And during that time I was the most proud of my work. It’s time to return back to that time!

I started this blog, this site, because I learned things along the way, many that didn’t work, and some things that did, and I wanted to share my experiences and be a resource to other business owners, and that hasn’t changed. But I didn’t feel like I could provide that same information if I didn’t have my business that I closed down to give myself time to figure out next steps when I worked a “regular” job.

So for the past 4 months I have nothing but time to think about my business, test and try out new things, and last night I launched my new site. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s up! Please take a look if you’d like to.  Here’s to taking the next step.