Branding: Custom Tissue Paper


I’ve mentioned before how I’m redesigning my packaging and it’s all a work in progress. I think packaging is something that continues to evolve as your company gets older. I had a lot of things to consider when I was figuring out what I wanted to improve in my packaging. One big thing was having something that looked good and also represented what my company was about. Reducing plastics is also another huge factor. If you’re curious about whether or not it can be something to use in your business then keep on readin’.


I was using tissue paper in my previous packaging but it was plain white and was used more as filler than anything else. It was the blanket that lay upon the bubble wrap, and underneath the jar. It was meant as a bit of void fill but also to cover up the bubble wrap, as it just wasn’t very cute. I did this for years and it was very useful. But as I was going through my rebrand I decided that although custom can seem like a luxury, if it makes sense then it makes sense!

I heard about a site called after seeing a video on youtube. This was just what I was looking for. I designed a few different layouts in illustrator then imported it into noissue. They have several different layouts you can play around with after importing your logo or design. There were a couple things I took into consideration when deciding what would be in my design.

  1. It had to have my brand colors. I came up with the colors, theme, and elements when designing my brand board. If you don’t have one yet, check out my brandboard post to get a free customizable layout.

  2. Elements. I wanted to incorporate the different elements that my brand represents. These would have to be something that could be repeated throughout my other products. I chose a leaf, some elemental symbols and dots. They all have meaning, and altogether it forms a beautiful, clean, and minimalistic design.


I ended up choosing the large size as it could be cut down to fit my smaller products, or be big enough for my largest products. The reason I chose the bigger tissue paper was mainly because it’s easier to subtract rather than add when it comes to making the best use out of what you already have.

The large is 50 cm by 75cm or in other words for those of us unfamiliar with that system it comes out to being around 20in x 30 in. In other-other words, quite large. The cost comes out to being around $.33 cents per sheet. If you cut it down even more (which I usually do) for me it costs around $.10 cents.

There’s no way for me to take a peek into your bank accounts to determine if that is something you can afford for your business as it is a large upfront cost, but if it makes sense at all, then it’s certainly something that can elevate your packaging.