Editing Shopify HTML Even If You Don't Know How To Write Code | VIDEO


Alrighty…time for another post, this time I worked on customizing my HTML code on Shopify. So why is this important, and important for you and your shop? Or site? So two things here.

  1. I wanted to add my instagram feed to my site - Because let’s be real, social media is important and instagram is where it’s at, at least for me. If your shop is a visual one I think being on a visual platform is important. So if this is you, consider adding your feed to your site as well.

  2. Let’s talk about where to put it and how. So years ago, a blog post by byregina.com mentioned having something special on your 404 page so that visitors aren’t just left with an “Oops” page. In this case, feel free to add whatever you want, a freebie, a discount code, etc. I added my instagram feed once again because it’s pretty to look at, and there’s also the hope they follow you! Win-win.

I made a video walking you through the 3 different ways you can add custom HTML code to your shopify store. Whether you know HTML or not, is not a problem, I’ll show you what to do!