How I Design and Print My Sticker Sheets | Video


How I Design and Print Out Kiss Cut and Dye Cut Stickers On The Same Sheet

Learning how to make stickers has been an interesting process. There have been so many different “wasted” papers, issues with ink running out, cutting alignment being way off, and more. But when you can take that little sticky thing that you yourself have made and apply it to a photo, your journal, scrapbook, your fridge, your wherever, it’s a pretty satisfying feeling.

So this post will include a video where I speed walk you through a few steps.

  1. The first being designing/illustrating. I use an ipad (not the pro) and the apple pencil

  2. Importing it into Adobe Photoshop and making edits/creating a sticker backing

  3. After the images are saved how I like them (I use PNG) they are then imported into Cricut Design Space where they are uploaded as a print then cut file

  4. Arrange them in CDS with multiple types of stickers on the same sheet

  5. Print them out using my regular printer

  6. Attach them to the cricut mat then cut them out

You can watch the video below!


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