3 Ways Your Product Photos Make You Money

3 ways your product photos make you money

Are your product photos making you money?

You are a maker and the seller and you know the importance of good photography to get your product seen by people who love and appreciate your work. Even if the photos that you have aren't where you want them to be you still know the value of the good photo, that will entice and draw in a potential customer. A good image can stop you in your tracks, cause you to crave cheese cake or make you hungry for something sweet or savory, or even cause you to cry. Photos can be powerful, when used correctly.


Whether you are make paper goods, jewelry, kits, toys, crochet, or even knit, the amount of time that it takes to learn the craft of what it is that you do then produce the craft takes a lot of practice and time. You put a lot of pride and hard work into these things that you create and so it's important that the photographs truly represent and capture the hard work and the beauty of your items. You want a potential customer to see your photo and want to learn more about what it is that you make. You don’t want, the customer to glance over or cringe at your photo. I can’t tell you how many times I scroll through Etsy, or a similar online marketplace and wonder if the product is any good because the photo just isn't selling it! 

Take Away: Make sure the photo is of good quality so a potential customer knows the good quality they will get! A bad quality photo can mean the product itself isn't of good quality.


A good image represents quality and even trustworthiness. Yes even trustworthiness. Think about it. If you see a blurry, dark, pixelated image on a website like target.com or even Macy's will you take that company seriously anymore? There is a certain standard they have so why not have a similar one for your products? If the item looks like they didn't want to take the time to highlight and show off how wonderful this product is I'm going to think that's the product isn't that great to begin with.

Don’t let somebody pass over at your product because you didn't take the time to take a good high-quality picture.

There's a lot to think about when it comes to photographing products and if you can work with a product photographer (or learn to take great pics), they can help get your items seen in the best light. It's important for you to know as well the elements that helps sell a product. You have spent the time working on them, you know the product best. Because ultimately, the photo will end up telling a story of some sort. Make sure that it is a good story. And by continuing to have good quality photos (along with good products) it will further cement that trust factor being: I got exactly what I paid for.

Take Away: Make sure the photo represents the product. You want to build trustworthiness in the way the images appear and have that match the product you sell.


Each shot should be intentional. If you want to see a quick example of what I mean, look at this picture of red velvet cookies. The goal is to highlight the red velvet cookie and have it be very simple. A black matte plate, coupled with "velvet" is a classic high value concept. The focus on the rich bright colors of the cookies and pair that with a black plate, and the added highlight of the white powdered sugar, really brings it together. It’s simple and eye catching because the colors are so contrasting. Make sure that the photos you take aren't just thrown together just because, but that they are intentional. 

Take Away: What is the focus of your product? Is there anything you can add, or even take away, so that your photos are intentional? 

Your turn! Are your product photos making you money or turning away potential customers?

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