Getting The Most Out Of Your Products | VIDEO

I believe in the Taco Bell method. It’s simple, gives people what they want, and gets the most use out what’s available. Take the soft taco supreme for example, stick with me here, the only thing that separates it from a regular taco are the tomatoes and sour cream. Two simple ingredients that change the flavor in a big way, and cost .50 more. Change it to a flavored shell and add an extra .60. These small changes change the product entirely in terms of taste. It’s genius. And also delicious. You can create so many different menu items from a few ingredients. Mix and match, add a little here, twist a little there. Ah! Bon appetite!


So if you’re hungry, then I’ve done my job, if you’ve caught on to how you can use this method in your business then I’ve made some sense. So that’s a plus!

What do you have in your business that you can taco bell up a bit?

I find that when I’m putting an order together, I think of something new. Thankfully, I have a few tools where I can play around with things to see if they will work. A try and see how it turns out method. We can discover a lot just by trying something and seeing what comes of it. Experiment! Challenge yourself to create something new often.


My new menu item idea came from the fact that I wanted to make some stickers for myself without using a full sticker pack. So I made some die cuts for personal use. I loved them so much that I thought it would be nice to have a little herbal die cut pack. The little ones may have to sit this one out. There are even more little things to add to this concept. Make things bigger, make some things smaller, throw in an extra item, make a small item a freebie, the list goes on. All is needed is to try one little thing, whether on purpose or an accident it really doesn’t matter. Should we talk about how potato chips were invented? :)