5 Tips For Shooting Jewelry On Your Camera Phone


5 Tips For Shooting Jewelry On Your Camera Phone

Today's post is geared for the makers and sellers out there that sell jewelry (or other small objects) and the only camera you have is a camera phone. I have strolled through many etsy stores looking at the photos and I see a common theme of poorly lit, dark and extremely yellow images. If you are guilty of this, it is doing you more harm than good, my friend. Today I want to give you 5 tips that will help you improve those camera phone photos to make selling your items brighter and more appealing. Let's get started:

TIP #1

Back it up!

Get a simple background that will best show off your jewelry. In the video, you can see that I'm using a plain white poster board that can be purchased in nearly any store. Even chain grocery stores has an isle for school supplies. You can find something like this for very cheap. You don't have to go all out either! See if you can find something similar in your house.

Remember: Your background doesn't have to be white. It all depends on what kind of items you make.

TIP #2

Vogue it out!

Use different angles to get your best shot! Walk around the item to try and find the best light and angle that best captures your product. Try vertical, or horizontal, or top down, off to the right or left, at eye level. Don't be afraid to move around and snap like crazy to get something that looks good. Most importantly, don’t forget to get in close to show details or scale.

TIP #3

Let there be (natural) light! 

Use natural light and try to stay away from artificial light whenever possible. Most artificial lights tend to have a warm or yellow hue to it, which will make your images not look true to what your product looks like in person! The key here is to get a well lit picture that shows off your jewelry in the best light. Pun intended! 

TIP #4

Do some reflection!

If you're into that sort of thing, use a reflective surface. In the video I'm just using the glass that comes with a picture frame.

Pro tip: When shooting on glass be wary of the reflections. It is very easy to capture your own reflection. You want to aim for the best angle to get a cool reflection of your product, not necessarily of yourself. It may sound silly to warn you, but it’s easy to do and makes for an awkward photo.

TIP #5

Edit, edit, edit!

Ok, you've followed all 4 steps so far and you've chosen the best ones. The last step is to edit it to make sure it looks like it will once it arrives! What you don't want to do is upload the photo as is, there is most likely always room for improvement. In the video I am using a free software that you can find online (nothing to download!) called PixlrCheck it out, it's pretty cool.

Ok! So there you have it. I hope those 5 tips will help you when shooting your jewelry. Let me know below what you like to do when shooting on your camera phone!