Time Best Spent : Personal Update

one hour analog clock animated gif tishana

one hour analog clock animated gif tishana

I have several journals. About 3 for business, a personal one, notes on my phone that I jot down forgetting to transfer over to my personal journal, a daily/weekly review journal, and this blog. It’s a lot. And those are just my current ones, not including my old ones that I have stashed away in random places around my living space. I want to share some more personal things on here, not strictly business stuff, so on that note, this is how I would start my personal journal:

It’s currently 11:25 pm on a Tuesday and I’m eating a dill pickle in bed. Why a dill pickle? Because I boiled water to make tea then forgot I didn’t have milk and a pickle jar was right there in the fridge. I could have made other teas, like peppermint, or green, or red, but instead I chose a pickle.  (This isn’t relevant I’m just trying to paint you a picture, ha.)

I woke up early today, or early for me, around 7:30 after waking up from a really strange dream. I start my morning like any, by checking my phone and determining how I want to feel that morning. With gratefulness, with overwhelm, with underwhelm, maybe all three? The other day I read sad news of a familiar face passing away in his sleep. He was 20. A Disney star. He had just posted on Instagram just a couple days before. After scrolling through his feed to jog my memory of where I knew him from, I saw how much he had going on and going for him. He had such a bright future…which sounds cliche but he was working on some meaningful things. So when I woke up today, perhaps the nightmares I had just woken up from stemmed from those subconscious thoughts of time.

I think about time a lot. I believe in the timing of things, people and things meeting, or not meeting. How things can seem to start from out of nowhere and end just the same. Tragedy or a beautiful gain. A realization. I also think about how our time is best spent. I know sitting at that office job and wasting away isn’t the best way to spend my time personally. How much time do we spend doing something that does not bring us life?

This morning when I woke up I was thankful, but shortly thereafter became inspired. I was literally bouncing around with excitement from the fact that I had figured something out. The puzzle pieces had fit to something that I needed to work on. That fire could have fueled me all day but it was shortly extinguished by the need to go to my part-time day job. The desk one where the wasting away of potential ___ happens. I would mentally trudge through my day until it was time to leave after what always feels like time slowing down.

I always wondered how people find the motivation to work on a side hustle or business when they finished at their day job. I got about 1.5 hours in before my bed started calling my name. So sans tea, and now sans pickle, I currently sit in bed typing away with tired eyes, wondering about time. Did I spend mine wisely today? Any chance I got to take a break and hastily check through Instagram accounts to stay active, on top of things. Home time  was spent working and slowly building with the time I had to focus on it. At times there seems to be too much tortuous time, and others, way too fast.

My focus today was doing some makeshift retail packaging and getting a lot of other relatable-that ideas down on paper for my business, coco and seed.

I’ll share them in time, hopefully sooner rather than later, praying that we get more of it.

So with that in mind, how are you being of service to others? How are you spending your time thinking about how you can help other while simultaneously helping yourself?

New post coming soon, in the meantime, my tried eyes need sleep. Goodnight.