Weekend Project: Creating Crystal and Stone Terrariums and Business Ideas


I’m working on a couple ideas, and one of them is in-person events. I think when you have a business it’s important to experiment, try new things, and ultimately adapt, as long as what you want to do stays on brand. Your brand.


I wanted to share my weekend project with you. As you may know, my business is centered around nature and plant focused products. Garden kits were my staple when I first started my shop 6 years ago, and now with my rebrand it has expanded in a more encompassing direction.

So how to go about coming up with an event idea?

The first thing was brainstorming. Terrarium parties are a thing but how to adapt it to my store that focuses on herbs and edible greens wouldn’t be as productive. People love instant gratification, myself included, so how to bridge that gap? It doesn’t make sense to plant seeds only… People want to see growth! For in-person events plants are a must but how cool would it be to add in crystals and stones catered to that person. So I made a couple that have meaning to me and I wanted to share one in particular with you.

How can you adapt and stretch but still stay within your brand to create new opportunities for growth?

I’m going to nerd out for a quick second. Astrology. Every zodiac sign has lucky stones associated with them. Virgo, has 3: Agate, opal, and peridot. This mini zen-like terrarium has aurora as the plant with light purple sand as a form of mulch.

If you want to make one too here are the items used:

  • Rocks

  • Cheesecloth

  • Activated carbon

  • Good potting soil

  • Coconut coir

  • Sand

  • Your favorite stone(s)

  • Your favorite low maintenance plant