The White Background Myth For Product Photos and 8 Alternatives


The White Background

Myth For

Product Photos

& 8 Alternatives

The White Background Myth For Product Photos and 8 Alternatives

There is a myth going around on the internet that says your product photos for your online shops have to be on white backgrounds. Where did this idea come from? Sure, if you're on regular ol amazon, that is one thing, but unless it's stated anywhere, you are free to choose whatever fits your brand the best!


White backgrounds, while it can be fitting for most, it is also the safe route to go. And how about those white backgrounds that are SO white that the picture is blinding or the item looks like it's floating! You know what I'm talking about. Going a bit crazy in the FotoFuze app can leave your photos looking a bit ghostly.

Today I want to show you 8 alternative backgrounds that are easy to find and can add character to your product without taking away from the item itself. These backgrounds, and others like it, can be found around your home. Feel free to get creative with it. I will be using the same main product in each photo. Ok, let's begin! 

But first, let's start off with a blank canvas, the White Background: 

I like white backgrounds with a bit of grey in them, but this is my personal choice. I like it that way because the item feels a bit more grounded and natural and not so set up and commercial. I like the idea of looking at a photo and thinking, "I can see that on my counter top!". 

Each photo, depending on the background, will depict a certain mood. So as we begin going through these 6 alternative backgrounds, think about the kind of mood a background like this can bring to your product.

1) Matte Black Background

This black background is actually a plate! It really brings drama to an image like this, especially when the product is a shiny studded necklace. With a shallow depth of field, the photo focuses on the accents of the necklace.

Mood: Rich and velvety. 

2) Marbled Background

I'm a big fan on vinyl pieces like this one shown above. You will see a couple more throughout this set, and this one in particular is one of my favorites. It has hints of greys and has a nice Instagram type look.

Mood: Classy and clean.

3) Chalkboard Background

This chalkboard background was a bit of a DIY project that took less than 5 minutes to create. Using just 2 supplies, a black foam core board and chalk, it has made many wonderful backdrops. While the necklace has a little prop in the background, a white mug, it barely shows and the necklace is definitely the centerpiece. The chalk on the background really shows through as some texture which brings a bit more into the frame. 

Mood: Dark and fun.

4) Wood Background

If you couldn't tell by now, I love moody shots. This one is on a faux wood background that doubles as my desk (which was another DIY project). I use this a lot for many pictures because I love the look it gives. The cup is back again, playing a minor role in this picture.

Mood: Ambient and natural.

5) Warm Rust Vinyl Background

This is another one of my vinyl backgrounds that has a wonderful texture to it. You can see bits of it in this shot. I really like how it contrasts so well with the necklace and brings it a bit of earthy tones into the picture. I could see a few fun props like sticks/pieces of wood and greenery to bring the woodsy feeling up a notch!

Mood: Warm and woodsy

6) Muslin Cotton Background

This prop can be found anywhere and it's the look of natural cotton we are going after. I love the simpleness of it, the tone and the woven fibers you can see. The fact that it is also not perfectly flat is something I enjoy about this one too. What pieces of fabric would you incorporate into your backdrops!?

Mood: Cozy and neutral.

7) Gold Tray Background

A golden tray! How simple is that and yet it still adds a bit of glam! Although gold and silver is a debatable combo and are just as shiny, I think the necklace wins this battle.

Mood: Golden glam.

8) Stone Vinyl Background

And last, but certainly not least, we round out this set with another vinyl favorite. This etched stone background in such varying colors of grey add a bit more dimension and personality to this image.

Mood: Natural and stoic.


I hope this has convinced you that white doesn't have to be your only choice for product photos! Let me know what you think! Do you use any other background for your images other than white? How is that working for you and your brand?!