You've made the product, set up the shoot, taken countless photos and now it's time to pass along the tedious work.


There are 3 main photo editing packages depending on the amount of work you need done.


basic photo correction

- Exposure

- Contrast

- White Balance

- Shadows/ Highlights

- Bright Whites and Rich Blacks

- Sharpening

- Noise Reduction


Standard photo retouching

This entails making any alterations to the image itself, including erasing or adding elements.

Everything in the Basic Photo Correction package, plus:

+ Cleaning/Removing spots, dusts and small unwanted items

+ Creating a seamless image using cloning or healing brushes

+ Fixing alignment

Complex Photo Retouching

This entails making any alterations to the image itself, including erasing or adding elements.

Everything in the Standard Photo Retouching Package, plus:

+ Isolating objects/plain background

+ Creating reflections

+ Creating shadows


BONUS - Social Media Graphics


Get up to 3 social media photos to promote your product for free when you invest in any of the three photo editing packages!

Example Graphics Include:

  • New Product
  • Just Listed/Back In Stock
  • Coming Soon
  • Coupon Code
  • Seasonal Graphic
  • On Sale

Ready To Hand Off The Editing Process?

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